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Ya know...I feel under appreciated everyday.  In my job, in my… - solving this mystery called life... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nancy Drew

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[Mar. 20th, 2012|08:56 pm]
Nancy Drew
Ya know...I feel under appreciated everyday.  In my job, in my relationship, in everything. But today...after a very long and bad day at work, I found happiness. Being a teacher is hard. I know most people think that we have it easy. We get breaks, summers off, we only work 9-3. That is SO untrue. On average I am at school until 4. And when I'm coaching I'm at school until 8 or 9 at night. 

Today I had an infinite amount of behavior problems. Maybe it's because the weather is warm and the kids are thinking of summer. Well, after today, so am I. Parents these days believe their kid over the teacher. I'm so frustrated at being talked down to its ridiculous. I had a parent tell me that I don't care about her kid. Are you serious? Honestly, I would take a bullet for any one of my students. Honestly. Even the ones that I want to strangle on a bad day. If you know me, you know I put myself last. Always. 

Well, I got a pick me up. I had emailed a parent about a situation that happened in class with their kid and in the parents reply, he signed the email "thanks for everything you do. Everyday". Something so small I know...but if you are a teacher you know that this is huge. It made me feel good about my job again. It made me appreciate why I went into this profession. 

Maybe sometimes the good can out weigh the bad. With this I leave you one thought. 

Dont ever doubt yourself. EVER. You make choices because that is what YOU want. If you don't think anyone appreciates you, they do. Appreciate yourself. 

"if you admire someone you should go ahead and tell them. People never get the roses while they can still smell them" - Kanye West